Entrance/Scholarship Exam Registration

Current 7th Graders- There will be a Practice Scholarship Test on Saturday March 15th 8:00am. Please Download Test Registration Form here and submit to the Admissions Office.
Student and Parents are encouraged to attend the Spring Open House following the Practice Scholarship test.

8th Graders- For those unable to take a Entrance/Scholarship Exam in the fall, students can still apply and will interview with the Hallahan President. Please submit all application materials and the Director of Admissions will contact you to schedule an interview.

What is the timeline for the Admissions Process at John W. Hallahan High School?

  • Fall 2013: Register for the High School Entrance/Scholarship Exam
  • Registration confirmed by email
  • Saturday, October 19, 2013: Hallahan’s Open House
  • Saturday, October 19, and November 16: Entrance/Scholarship Exam
  • If you are not taking the Entrance/Scholarship Exam you must schedule an interview through the Admissions Office.
  • September, December, February and May– Acceptance letters mailed
  • Upon acceptance, please submit Hallahan Registration Form to officially register as a Hallahan student.
  • March 15, 2013: Spring Open House
  • Fall 2014: Welcome to Hallahan Catholic Girls’ High School
  • June 2018: Graduation!

What scholarships and financial aid are available at John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls’ High School?
Academic scholarships for Hallahan are based solely on the scores of the Entrance/Scholarship Exam. Financial Aid and Tuition Assistance can be applied for using the PSAS Application . Any family applying for financial aid with Hallahan or in receipt of a Hallahan scholarship must complete the PSAS Application.

When will I be notified of my acceptance to John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls’ High School?
Letters of acceptance are mailed in September, December, February and May. Some students may be required to schedule an admissions interview based on the request of a Hallahan administrator.

What should I do after I take the High School Entrance Exam?
Visit Hallahan. Aside from Universal Visitation Day and Open House, setting up a ‘Shadow Day’ at Hallahan is one of the best ways to become better acquainted with the Hallahan community.

For assistance with the Admissions Process in regards to the application, shadow days, or clarification on any issue, please contact Director of Admissions, at admissions@jwhallahan.com or 215.563.8930 ext. 252.

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