A Light in the Darkness



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A Light in the Darkness

Everyone has gone through a dark point in their lives. Everyone’s situation is different, but I know that God does not abandon his children. Growing up, I often wondered why people suffered and experienced hardships if God loved us all. I questioned why He would want his children to go through pain. Reflecting on my own past, I realized that the pain and suffering we endure often makes our faith that much stronger. When all hope is lost, God is always there to turn to.

Growing up as immigrants, my family and I experienced our own set of hardships. My family struggled financially for many years. When asking my mother about what that was like for her, she told me that every time she looked at the faces of me and my brother, it motivated her. So, she prayed to God every night for the strength the keep going. She knew that everything would be okay, and that God would provide. It was a difficult experience, but it changed us for the better. Now that I’m older, I reflect on those moments of my life. Every dollar I earn, every piece of clothing I wear, every piece of food I eat, I cherish because I understand what it’s like to almost have nothing. And when I face a tough situation, I always think back to what my mother told me.

When God leads us through a dark tunnel, He is holding our hand and guiding us. When Jesus endured those final moments in his life, He trusted in His Father. All that pain he suffered was for our salvation. Although that was a dark point, it eventually turned into joy and happiness knowing that His children are saved. God does not hand us difficulties to watch us struggle, rather, our struggles strengthen our faith. He takes all our fears and worries and turns them into faith, hope, and love. 

Heavenly Father, give us the strength to endure all of the struggles and hardships in our lives. Remind us of Your love and strength so that we will be able to get through our difficulties. I trust in You to lead me down the path You have chosen for me. With You guiding me, I will be able to get overcome any obstacle. Amen. 

Written by

Frances Arturo 

John W. Hallahan High School

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