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Faculty & Staff Directory

  Name Department E-mail Address
Mrs. Denise Kassekert President dkassekert@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Michele Beachy Principal beachym@jwhallahan.com
  Ms. Gilda Cooper Asst. Principal for Student Affairs gcooper@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Jessica Barlow Asst. Principal for Student Services jbarlow@jwhallahan.com
  Fr. Christopher Lucas Campus Minister frchristopher@jwhallahan.com
  Ms. Roslyn Richardson Director of Accounting and Financial Analysis santodomingo@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Deborah Eckenhoff Director of Admissions deckenhoff@jwhallahan.com
  Mr. Michael Gallagher Director of Athletics gallagher@jwhallahan.com
  Ms. Kathleen Melvin      view website Director of Guidance melvink@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Dianna Geist Director of Major Gifts and Annual Fund dgeist@jwhallahan.com
  Ms Kristen Stankiewicz ’88, P’21 Office Manager kstankiewicz@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Mary Anderson P’98 Academic Office Administrative Asst andersonm@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Monique Coval P’20 Main Office mcoval@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Holly Scally P’18,’20 Tuition Officer hscally@jwhallahan.com
  Sr. Francis Christi, OSF Business/Job Placement christif@jwhallahan.com
  Ms. Christine Jenkinson ’90 Alumnae Relations and Database Manager cjenkinson@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Kristen Kraunelis English kkraunelis@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Amy Lafty English laftya@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Emily Monastra English monastra@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Megan McQuoid     view website English Chairperson mcquoidm@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Kathleen Tsakiris English ktsakiris@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Nancy Connor English connor@jwhallahan.com
  Mr. James Stella            view website Fine Arts Department Chairperson stellaj@jwhallahan.com
  Ms. Lauren Groenendaal Fine Arts, Dance groenendaal@jwhallahan.com
  Mr. Kevin Chun Chorus chun@jwhallahan.com
  Mr. Brian Goettner Health/ Physical Education goettner@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Maryellen Kelly ’73 Mathematics Department Chairperson kellym@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Maria Kane Mathematics mmkane@jwhallahan.com
  Mr. Jason Kwon Mathematics kwon@jwhallahan.com
  Mr. Michael DiPilla Mathematics mdipilla@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Susan Robinson Mathematics robinson@jwhallahan.com
  Ms. Jennifer Bates Science bates@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Margaret Goldschmidt ’77 Science Department Chairperson goldschmidtm@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Joanne Quintile, P’12 Science quintilej@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Kathleen Sharp Science sharpk@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Roseanne Betham  view website Social Studies Department Chairperson bethamr@jwhallahan.com
  Mr. Michael I. Gallagher Social Studies migallagher@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Jennifer Kugler view website Social Studies kugler@jwhallahan.com 
  Mr. Adam Richwine Social Studies arichwine@jwhallahan.com
  Mr. James Falconer Theology jfalconer@jwhallahan.com
  Mr. Anthony Polselli     view website Theology Department Chairperson polsellia@jwhallahan.com
  Mrs. Maria Sawick        view website Theology sawickm@jwhallahan.com
  Ms. Danielle Bouchard World Languages  
  Ms. Maria Mannarino World Languages  
  Mrs. Moira Stanton World Language Department Chairperson
     Carlton Blackman                    Danielle Bouchard                      Mark Dougherty