Admissions » Welcome, Class of 2023

Welcome, Class of 2023

Located in the beautiful Parkway Museum district, Hallahan offers a unique, one of a kind educational experience.  Our students ear scholarships and acceptances to elite colleges and universities including the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University.  
Important Dates:
Flocco Shoe Sale
Tuesday, August 13th from 5pm-7pm in the school cafeteria.
Fall Sports Team Try Outs
Begin Monday, August 12th.  Specific times and locations to be announced.
Freshman Orientation (mandatory)
Tuesday, August 27th from 4pm-7pm at Hallahan.
First Week of School
Wednesday, September 4th - Full Day, Freshman only report.
Thursday, September 5th - Freshman Off. Upperclass grades report.
Friday, September 6th - Full Day, Entire student body reports.