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Student Services Information


The Student Services Office oversees attendance, discipline, transportation, health services, and counseling services. Student Services works with students and parents to support students and remove barriers to success. If you have any questions, please the contact Student Services Office.


To Report an Absence:

Parent/Guardian must call the absentee line, 215-563-8930 ext.107, before 9:00 AM. A student may not notify the school of her absence. Parent/guardian should state name, student’s name, grade level, and reason for absence.


Attendance Policy

Regular attendance at school is essential to good scholarship. The learning experiences of each day are important and difficult to make up if missed. Colleges and future employers use attendance records to determine dependability. Therefore, it is important that students attend school every day.


A parent/guardian must complete the official absence form. This form is available in the Student Services Office. A doctor’s note should be presented with an absence of three or more days. Doctor’s note should be presented with the official absence form whenever a student is under a doctor’s care. Doctor notes must be submitted within the same quarter of the absence.


Student experiencing a long-term illness must contact the Principal, who will collect and distribute assignments to a parent.  If health conditions permit, arrangements will be made for the administration of tests/exams.


Students who have been absent without a current doctor's certificate for 22 or more days will be required to attend a week-long Behavior Modification Summer School at additional cost to remain a student in good standing.


Lateness For School

The warning bell rings at 7:40 AM and Homeroom begins at 7:47 AM. Students not in Homeroom when the 7:47 AM bell rings are considered late for school and must obtain a late pass.


Transportation / Septa Trans Pass

All Roads Lead to Hallahan! Hallahan is close to many public transit routes including Regional Rail Suburban Station, Market-Frankord Line and Broad Street Line, and Bus Routes 2, 7, 27, 32, 33, 43, 48 Students living in Philadelphia more than 1.5 miles from Hallahan are eligible for free weekly SEPTA transpass. Students in Philadelphia suburban counties can apply for transpass with your local school district.

  • Provided to students residing in Philadelphia county
  • Students receive their Trans Pass weekly during Friday lunch periods
  • Students must sign for their pass weekly
  • Students may upgrade their pass with SEPTA for an additional fee
Please visit the SEPTA website for more information on bus/train/subway/trolley schedules: