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Student Council
Students who meet discipline and academic standards are invited to run for Student Council. Elections are held each year. Members can be identified by their blue ribbons which are worn to remind all members of the Student Council oath. They must go beyond expectations in offering service to Hallahan.

National Honor Society
Invitations to this organization are granted to juniors and seniors who have exemplary academic records. In addition to maintaining the academic integrity, NHS members are called to give service to the school and community.

Honor Societies
Induction is granted to students who meet and exceed academic requirements specific subject areas. Our Honor Societies include: Sociedad Honoaria Hispanica, Spanish Honor Society; and Mu Alpha Theta, Math Honor Society.

Student Ambassadors
Ambassadors help with recruitment efforts such as Open House, 7th Grade Visitation Day, Grade School visits, High School Nights and Parent Tours. Ambassador Leadership is a dedicated group of ambassadors who help plan all events.

CSC (Community Service Corps)
CSC members participate in many projects including visits to Assisi House, food drives, soup kitchens, Broad Street Run, Aids for Friends, and many other outreach programs.
Black Student Union
This Black Student Union is open to all students interested in enriching the student body through education, community service, arts, and cultural experiences.
Members compete in meets where their mathematical skills are tested against teams from other high schools. Competitions include individual and group events.
K-Pop Club
Club meets to update on Korean pop music scene, share favorite artists, groups, songs, and play variety show games like Catch the Spy, Guess this K-Pop Song. Performed at talent show to K-Pop choreography to BTS’s “Dope,” create information board of South Korea for International Day, and wrote about club in the school newspaper.
Dramatics / Stage Crew
Each year Hallahan students present a musical. Professional directors, sound and stage crews, choreographers, costume & set-designers and musicians collaborate to enhance the students’ performance. Some members can work as stage crew to coordinate scenery changes, lighting cues and sound production for our school musical.
Chorus/Glee Club
From traditional liturgical hymns to contemporary songs, this talented group brings a prayerful power to Hallahan liturgy. They also perform at the Christmas and spring concerts each year.
Respect Life Club
Through group discussions, guest speakers, awareness projects and activities, members put their beliefs into action.

Model U.N.
At club meetings we will discuss national and world events, and learn how to present our ideas and debate. There are several Model U.N. competitions each year, where we will be given specific topics and assigned a nation to represent, so that we can compete against other schools in the area.

Science Club
Our Science Club is open to all students interested in exploring topics in science outside the classroom.

Writing Club
This group shares a love for writing. They create short stories, poems, lyrics, etc.

Asian Culture Club
The Asian Culture is open to all students interested in learning more about the traditions, events and cultures of Asia.

Club Otaku / Anime
We are a club that likes to explore the different types of Japanese animation and pop culture. We encourage intercultural relations between American and Japanese cultures. We explore anime, manga, fan fiction, video games, AMV (Anime Music Videos) and cosplay. We also learn the Japanese language in order to gain better understandings about the similarity and difference between the two cultures. We learn some unique Japanese dances as well. All are welcome!

The Handmaids of Mary
Celebrating their devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, group members meet weekly to pray and share their experiences.

Sand Script (Newspaper) View Sandscript Online
Student reporters write and edit quality articles for the school newspaper.

Silver Sands (Yearbook)
Hallahan’s yearbook is a first-rate publication. Students learn basic design and layout concepts, write and edit text, select and crop pictures and also, promote and sell the book.

Hourglass (Literary Magazine)
The magazine contains quality student writing and poetry in addition to student artwork. Poets, editors and artists work together with faculty moderators to produce this truly artistic and inspiring project.
Spirit Club 
Hallahan’s spirit club is open to all students who wish to share, display and promote the Hallahan spirit throughout the school.
Coding Club 
Coding Club is a group dedicated to learning how to code in a variety of languages (Python, HTTP, C++, and Java) at all levels. Each year, members participate in an online competition called Girls Go Cyberstart, a fun way of learning new things about computer programming and cyber security.
Hispanic Culture Club 
Hallahan’s hispanic culture club is open to all students interested in learning more about the hispanic culture.
French Club 
Hallahan’s french club is open to all students who have an interest in the french language and culture.
Gaming Club 
Hallahan’s gaming club is open to all students who have an interest in gaming.
No Place for Hate 
Hallahan’s No Place for Hate is open to all students and promotes understanding and bully free environment.
Sewing Club 
Hallahan’s sewing club is open to all student's who have an interest in sewing.
Speak Up! 
Hallahan’s SpeakUp! focuses on the fact that no matter what the problem is – stress, drugs, alcohol, depression, anxiety, suicide, relationships, social media or others – the solution always begins with realizing you are not alone and having the courage to speak up and ask for help. All teens benefit from learning how to have courageous conversations with important adults in their lives.