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The Jingle Jam
What better way to celebrate the spirit of Christmas than joining with friends and classmates at Hallahan’s favorite holiday dance? This dance is held at school on a Friday evening in December. Students can come solo or invite a date, but your attire should be kicked up a notch! All classes are invited; however, a signed parental permission slip is required. Tickets may be purchased in the Tuition Office. A professional photographer, and DJ are used for this event to make it memorable. And you never know when Santa might make an appearance.

Underclass Gala
The freshmen and sophomores celebrate in style at this dual-class dance. This event is held on a Friday evening at Hallahan in the spring. A committee of students works with the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs to select a theme, decorations and refreshments for the dance. A professional photographer and DJ add to the aura. This dance provides an opportunity for the underclass students to show their own unique Hallahan pride and style. It is always an energetic and exciting evening! Students may come individually or with a date; signed parental permission slips are required. Tickets may be purchased in the Tuition Office.

Father & Daughter Dance
The annual Father & Daughter Dance is held at an off-site catering facility. The dance is open to all classes and tickets are sold in the Tuition Office. Students may invite fathers, step-dads, uncles, grandfathers or brothers to join them for this special night. After a multi-course dinner, the dancing begins.

Mother & Daughter Luncheon
This beloved, traditional event is open to all students and their mothers, grandmoms, sisters and aunts. The Mother & Daughter Luncheon is held on a Sunday afternoon at an off-site catering facility. This event provides an opportunity for girls to spend time with the special women in their lives. A professional photographer is present to take formal portraits. The multi-course menu is followed by jubilant dancing! This lovely afternoon always goes by too quickly.

Sophomore Soph Hop 

At our Soph Hop, Hallahan Sophomore girls get to dress up, socialize and party the night away at their very own dance! Our girls enjoy creating a cool theme and showing their school spirit by keeping the Hallahan sisterhood center stage. All of our Sophomore students excitingly attend this lively and fun event, either solo or with a date, it doesn't matter. Dancing to songs from their favorite DJ and taking crazy looking and fun filled photos in our new state of the art "igloo" Photo Booth, our Sophomore girls have a blast! It's a fun experience that's just for Sophomores!


Junior Ring Dance

Each year, Juniors are provided with a beautifully spiritual Ring Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul. On the Friday following their Ring Mass our Junior girls get to celebrate! Juniors dress up and partake in their very own Ring Dance, to acknowledge their rite of passage! Either with or without a date, Juniors dance the night away and take wacky photos in our new state of the art "igloo" Photo Booth. At the conclusion of the Ring Dance, Juniors commemorate the historical significance of joining next year's senior class; honored to be en route to graduating from the First Catholic Girls' High School in the world. Juniors create a circle, holding hands on the dance floor to sing our historically significant Alma Mater. What an honor!

Junior Prom
This annual semi-formal dance for juniors and their male escorts is held at an off-site location. This social is planned by a committee of juniors who, under the guidance of the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs, are responsible for the overall planning. Appropriate attire for girls includes semi-formal dresses, and suits, ties and dress shoes for their escorts. Flowers are permitted. Pictures are taken by Gurcsik Studios at an extra cost. In order to attend the prom, students must be in good disciplinary standing and must be up-to-date on all tuition and fees.

Senior Prom
This formal dinner-dance for seniors and their male escorts is the social highlight of senior year! A student planning committee, under the guidance of Assistant Principal for Student Affairs, decides the theme, color scheme, music, and menu. Formal wear, along with flowers, is the appropriate attire for the seniors and their escorts. Pictures are taken by Gurcsik Studios at an extra cost. (Note: Hallahan High School does not sponsor or condone any post-prom trips or activities.) In order to purchase prom tickets, a student must be in good disciplinary standing and must have fully paid for all tuition, fees, fines and dues.