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John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls High School develops the intellectual, spiritual, and emotional potential of each student within a diverse Catholic academic community. This opening line from the schools vision statement provides the foundation for our athletic philosophy of   “Respect the Game.” In order for our young ladies to reach their full intellectual, social, and emotional potential they must first have a basis in respect. “Respect the game” is a movement by which our student athletes grow by respecting the game, each other, and their opponents. While athletic success is always the goal, our ultimate success will be determined by the respectful young women that we send out into society, women of faith, purpose, and vision.


Respect the Game:    Respect that all of our athletes are someones daughter.


Respect YOUR daughter:    By being honest in assessing her athletic abilities.


Respect the coaches:    Our coaches give their time to help you daughters. Coaching is one of the few professions that is openly observed and publicly critiqued. Remember, your daughters listen to you. Criticizing the coach does not provide a positive atmosphere for your daughter.


Respect our opponents:    Be mindful that, although we are locked in competition, we are all God's children.


Respect the officials:    Referees and umpires have a job to do. They love the sport and want to stay involved. They do not have a rooting interest. Please respect their decisions. You may disagree with a decision. Understand that no one is perfect.



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