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Adopt A Student


Adopt A Student...Change A Life!

The Adopt A Student Program is designed to provide a college preparatory, faith based education to students with financial obstacles that prevent them from attending John W. Hallahan.   

We ask members of the Hallahan school community, local businesses, and friends of Hallahan to make a financial commitment to supporting a Hallahan student.   Ideally, this commitment would continue through the conclusion of a student’s academic career at John W. Hallahan.  However, a number of donations to the Adopt A Student Program are made yearly to go to the most needy student or are made in memory of a former Hallahan faculty member, administrator or student. 

Students will be selected to receive Adopt A Student assistance based up the following criteria:

    -   The motivation for academic excellence at John W. Hallahan;

    -   The inability to meet the financial obligation of attending an all-girls Catholic high school;

    -   A commitment to be a model of Scholarship, Faith, and Community; 

    -   And the desire to continue their education on a college level.


Please contact Dianna Geist in the Advancement Office for 
additional information on how to become an “Adopt A Student” donor. or 215-563-8930, ext. 118