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Planned Giving


John W. Hallahan relies on the generosity of friends from throughout the community who understand the vital role John W Hallahan, the first all-girls’ diocesan high school in the country, play in the region. We are continually grateful to the individuals and families who have stabled Planned Gifts over the years, leaving a legacy that has benefited the school both during and after their lifetime. Their philanthropy and good will symbolizes a deep and lasting commitment to the school’s continued growth and stability….

The beauty of a legacy gift is that it benefits the school as well as the donors.

Contributions can come in all shapes and sizes. Donors can show their financial support in ways they may not have thought possible and sometimes significantly enhance their own financial situation through a variety of tax incentives. Supporters have established planned gifts through bequests in their wills, beneficiary designations for IRAs, retirement plans, life insurance policies, estate contributions, contributions to the JWHHS scholarship fund and more. These gifts have contributed to the care of our buildings, academic programs and expansion of our facilities.

Please call Dianna Geist in the Advancement Office for more information at 215-563-8930, ext 118.

The information is designed to give general information about various ways of giving to JWHHS, including some of the potential financial benefits. It is not intended to provide specific advice about the legal or tax implications or charitable giving. Before making a gift to JWHHS, consult with financial, tax and legal advisors to decide which of these ways of giving may work best.