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Advantages for Students


Advantage #1: CCP has articulation agreements with nearly all major Philadelphia colleges and universities so credits are designed to transfer.  This is beneficial for those students moving toward a four-year degree at another institute. 


Advantage #2: Costs per credit at CCP are approximately half the cost for those students who are enrolled in programs while still high school students.  Currently the cost of a three credit course at CCP is $650.00.  Students enrolled in the same course who are in either of the Middle College programs will be charged only $300, roughly half the cost of the course if it were taken after high school graduation.   Immediately upon receiving a high school diploma, the cost reverts to the traditional cost.


Advantage #3: Students who receive an Associate’s Degree will have gained a two-year advantage over traditional college students.  This holds whether the student moves into the work force immediately upon graduation or the student moves forward toward a four year or professional degree program.