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Felicia Maisey

An alumnus of LaSalle University, Felicia Maisey began her scholastic journey as an undergraduate in 2001. She holds a BA in Professional Writing and minors in Irish Studies, Religion, History, and Psychology as well as a MA in Education.  Professor Maisey is also an alumnus of Arcadia University where she obtained a second MA in English and where she completed a special Writing Certificate program via Edinburgh University's SUISS Program.
Professor Maisey has successfully taught students grammar, critical thinking, and writing skills in the English Language Institute, grammar, literature, research and capstone writing skills, and communication in the BUSCA Program at LaSalle University, as well as having taught courses in Irish Literature, Developmental and College English, English Arts & Ideas, and Theories in Mass Communication, to both graduate and undergraduate students at Gwynedd Mercy University. In addition, Professor Maisey has taught First-Year Experience courses at both schools. Professor Maisey's teaching approach is one of student accountability and discovery and she employs a
myriad of diverse learning tools to help students to think outside the box, trust themselves, and discover and advance their thinking and writing proficiency.
As a new English teacher at John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls High School, Mrs. Maisey is eager to embrace the diverse culture that the school embodies and to be a part of the students’ journey toward self-awareness and empowerment. She hopes to help students to embrace reading and writing as fundamentals in their creative process and to help them develop writing and speaking skills that will last them far beyond the high school years.
Professor Maisey loves spending time with her (adult) children, Eric (37), Alexis (30), Caitlin (27), and Amber (21), and her 8 rabbits and 2 dogs.  A long-time travel enthusiast and strong supporter of the arts, Professor Maisey enjoys a myriad of cultural experiences, live and recorded performances, and sports, and she loves a good adventure.  A natural people person, one should never be shy about sharing a good story with her, especially if it is funny and involves travel, a crazy food item, or pets.  She loves the creativity with which students utilize social media and various forms of technology and incorporates many in her classroom. Although proficient and a social media user, Professor Maisey does not however promote communication through social media whilst one is a student in her class.